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About Logistics

Rack System

Conventional Pallet Racking

  The conventional pallet racking system is the best solution for warehouses that need to store palletised products with a wide range of SKUs.


  • Each pallet and SKU can be accessed directly.
  • Easy to control stock.
  • Adaptable to any volume, weight or size of merchandise.

Live Pallet Racking

  Live racking is fitted with a slightly-inclined gravity flow rack which allows the pallets to slide down to the other side at a controlled pace thanks to gravity.


  • Enables perfect pallet turnover (FIFO SYSTEM).
  • Maximum capacity as storage system is compact.
  • Time and space saved in pallet handling.
  • This is an ideal system for warehouses of perishable goods, although it can also be used in any industry or distribution business (food, car and pharmaceutical industries, chemicals, etc.).

Drive-in Pallet Racking

  Drive-in racking is ideal for homogeneous products with low levels of turnover and a high number of pallets per article type. This system offers the highest use of available space in terms of both area and height.


  • Maximum use of available space (85%).
  • Elimination of aisles between the racking.
  • Rigorous entrance and exit control.
  • Drive-in racking can generally accommodate as many article types as there are loading aisles.
  • Two management systems are available: the drive-in system, with only one access aisle, and the drive-through system, with access to the load from both sides of the rack.
  • The system is frequently used in cold stores (refrigeration and freezing) which require maximum use of space for the storage of products in a controlled temperature.
  • Drive-in racking can also be used in construction of clad-rack buildings whose most striking feature is that they do not require the existence of a building prior to construction.

Push-Back System

  An accumulative storage system that allows up to four pallets deep to be stored per level. Push-back is ideal for storing medium-turnover products, with two or more pallets per SKU.


  • Saves space.
  • High storage density.
  • Loading and unloading carried out in a central aisle.