More than one hundred sets of used rental fleet to meet your short and long term rental demand
• The value of equipment is used, rather than have it
• Rent do not have to raise funds will be able to use the device, immediately making money

BT second-hand cars are strictly via BT factory overhaul to ensure export quality


Ten reasons to rent

    1. Purchasing power: Rent can help you use the
        higher quality equipment

    2. Balance Sheet: Flexible use of funds you can
        to retain your balance sheet to better use

    3.Full investment: Do other financial
       investments, because the rent is usually even
       deposit without paying.

    4.Asset Management: Rent available in a
       specific period with a fixed equipment, and
       sharing ownership of the assets management
       and risk.

    5.Services increased: According to your needs
       to modify the lease also includes the repair
       and maintenance costs.

    6.The tax treatment: The rent can be recognized
       as an expense and all creditable in order to
       achieve the tax saving function.

    7.The latest technology: Rent can help you at
       any time using the most advanced equipment.

    8.With the assistance of the equipment: Able to
       grasp the pulse of the market at any time to
       adjust the use of equipment.

    9.Flexibility: Rent available products and are
       very flexible, the lessee in accordance with its
       plan to put forward their needs.

    10.Another access to equipment, flexible
        approach: Infact, about half of the equipment
        is made from the rent.